Gallery-quality acrylic prints feature a 1/8" glossy acrylic block over the top of each print. No border - printed to the edge. Precision cut and beautifully produced. Mounting 4 stand off metal pieces ready to display.


ChromaLuxe High-Definition panels, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-definition sublimatable photo panels.

The combination of unmatched color brilliance, superior durability and true generational archival creates perfect High-Definition.

White Gloss Finish, Vibrancy, Archival & Durable, Scratch Resistant, Lightweight-ease of installation, Easy to Clean


Back Float Mount with French Cleat (ready to hang) - mount is about 1 inch thick. So your art, when hanged from the wall will be floating away at 1 inch from the wall.


Canvas Paper with Matte Varnish Finish

This Heavyweight 410gsm - per ISO cotton/poly fine art canvas features a bright white point, exceptionally high dmax and wide color gamut.

Unique blend of cotton enhanced with elastic polymers to provide high tensile strength and flexibility for gallery wrap stretching without cracking.

Bright white, Acid free, Waterproof

Due to the absorptive nature of the coating, you should avoid touching the coated surface. It's always recommended that cotton gloves be used when handling inkjet coated materials.


Stretched Canvas Print Semi-Gloss Varnish

Gallery-quality 410g/m2 canvas prints on a smooth white archival canvas. Each canvas is hand cut and wrapped.


Lightweight and premium grade 1.5" thick wood. Hanging wire ready to display. Felt pads for wall protection.