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  1. Slowly introduce the 777, animated, 3D, 4K dragons to the world at large. They can be very shy and must get accustomed to their surroundings before being approached. Patience is key to building the special bond between a dragon and its new owner.

  2. The Dragon’s explore and enter the world of Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and their own website home

  3. We will start with dropping at least 7 dragons a week, and will increase the drops with rising demand. The drops will be announced on our official links, and only on our official links. Each dragon will have a rarity and uniqueness percentage. Very unique & rare dragons will be dropped randomly (a Disco Dragon?! The mysterious and elusive Golden Dragon!?)

  4. Reward the growing community with giveaways, special roles and white-listing benefits.

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dragon drop_edited.png


  1. THE BROOD: Traveling deep into the Metaverse lies the reason for all this effort. As the dragon numbers increase, each player worthy of the dragon’s adventure will create THE BROOD. A community of Poofy Dragon owners. The dragon community is here to give you a serotonin boost with a shot of dopamine. They welcome any story of daring and dark adventures valiantly achieved, especially ones with good endings.

  2. THE BROOD will need full-time knights to moderate the community. An Order of paid full-time and part-time mods will be sworn in, to help professionalize community management in the NFT space.

  3. THE HOARD: Eventually those privy to own a Dragon or two will create THE HOARD. A special place where only the most honorable contenders go and treasures abide.

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  1. Member exclusive Poofy Dragon merch is unlocked, featuring Limited Edition accessories and apparel items, Poof coin, digital canvases, & physical authentication.

  2. Possibly for very special members their very own physical dragon - 3D printed - to guide you, watch over you, or just wait to be petted in your physical world


The Poofy Dragon's 3D nature makes it naturaly scalable for Meta-verse games or animated short stories and films. With time the Poofy Dragon will learn to trust you and roar when you say ‘RArrr’. If the expertise, market appeal, and scalability is right, they will reveal their magical world in the form of Meta-games and films where you will be able to participate in some of their many adventures.

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Exploration of a token for the Poofy Dragon world. Possibility depends on legal compliance, feasibility for supportable economics, and compliance with holders demands.



Ideas and opportunities that may arise in the advancing world of the MetVerse, web3, potential partnerships, and more!

The Crew

Creator Brera Charter has a great love for animals, fantasy, and design. She started her design career in fashion where she learned one of her favorite things to do is figuring out puzzles. Her tailoring and pattern making skills in-particular, are about puzzling together 2D patterns into 3D wearable couture designs. She also loves designing textiles that would fit into these 2D to 3D couture clothes. She later worked in the field of costume design in Los Angeles, where her love of character and fashion finally collided. She worked on many short films, televisions shows, commercials, and music videos. Her favorites always being the ones that involved fantasy, which gave her the most creative license. 


During the pandemic, her passion for telling stories drew her to get serious about learning animation and 3D design. It is here that she feels most excited. Here she realized she could create short films, games, and NFTs with endless possibilities and stories. She now has the ability to tell a visual narrative as well as a written one, and she is so excited to extend this skill into creating fantastical characters and places. She wants her digital artwork to work as a wonderful piece of art, to give a form of utility, and to extend the 3D technology to create physical 3D designed products.


Brera Charter | The one with the paint brush and a 3 dimensional mind

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65 Blue 8 A Chest gem, scepter, orb, crown W.jpg

Dyson Sphere | Our multitasking key to the digital community

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dragon drop_edited.png
Violet Red 6 A W.jpg
dragon drop_edited.png

Rocket Poof | Doesn't really know what’s going on, but is into it

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Yen Sid | Gives everything some much needed polish

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Freddy Frog | Really knows how to get down to business

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