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Each individual dragon and their accessories have been modeled, animated, shaded, composited, and rendered using a 3D program. Each accessory is custom made to the dragon's peculiar shape and color. We went the difficult route of 3D animation so an owner can understand their character, show how the dragon will naturally scale for an animated film and game, and feel their living presence in the Metaverse world. The animation creates an expensive rendering per dragon (each dragon is rendered separately. Expensive refers to the length of time it takes to render their frames and save the final file).

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This journey has been laborious, rewarding, ever-time consuming, and a never ending quest to keep learning. The collection was brought to fruition by three friends looking to learn and expand our knowledge in this ever expansive creative world, create a wonderful character with a full and colorful story, test out our developing brains, and go on an adventure with a like-minded community. 

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Our goal is to be able to tell a story through these 777 NFTs. This unique art piece gives a holder the rare opportunity to be a part of the dragon's journey for profitable merchandise, a game, and short films. As we scale the value of the NFT will go up. The holder of an NFT dragon will have special access to digital canvases, physical authentications, and later down the road their NFT 3d printed dragon.

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Our dragon is our first endeavor. We have many more to come.

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When we introduce the game and animated short stories, a holder will have a special part of poofyDRAGONs history and will be given privileges (such as access to the game early, a say in the story their dragon will tell in a short animation, VIP access to events and openings, and other opportunities we haven't seen yet). 

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