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The abundance of NFTs has attracted other creatures to the Ethereum blockchain during the Metaverse’s creation; a round prehistoric looking animal, the poofyDRAGON. Their chonky inflatable shape and small wings give them the ability to levitate and breath fire, and they need both, because there are other killer NFT animals here too. Alone poofyDRAGON is just what those other killer NFT animals are looking for. But as a pod of 777, animated, 3D, 4K dragons, the poofyDRAGON is unstoppable. Working as a group, as they have done for centuries, they fan out across the Metaverse in search of their quarry, interesting owners. Their only real defenses are their ability to endure and to work as a team to reach their road map goals.


Suspicious and shy by nature, the poofyDRAGON will slowly start to show their faces on the Ethereum blockchain ready to enter the Metaverse as your pet, protector, avatar, or sarcastic beast. 7 of 777 will roam this Metaverse each week, trying to become accustomed to their new world and getting to know their owners.

They are a bit ‘human’ fashion obsessed and love to combine certain looks to achieve, what they believe, to be a worthy animated moment.

Dragon’s also use their ability to see color in a different way, to attract a human. They keep their flashy colors hidden most of the time, but they cannot help showing them off in the presence of a potential owner.

They have an odd obsession for carrots, prizing them above all other food. However, a good pizza or some sushi is always a nice snack. They secretly love to be petted but will still give you some side eye, even if the scratches are to their liking.

A dragon’s core contains an electric sack for the purposes of spitting balls of fire. It ignites the gas they store from eating so many vegetables. It is mere rumored a poofyDRAGON can breath fire, but the are caught very often breathing puffs of vaguely colored smoke.

Will you discover the rare species like the shy 🪩 Disco Dragon? The elusive 🌟 Gold Dragon? Or even spot the 🧑‍🚀 Space Dragon? 

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